Maria Whalen, CIHOM

Maria Whalen

Maria Whalen, CIHom

Maria Whalen is recognized and respected by her colleagues and clients as the ultimate “health warrior”. In a world where many are known for “do as I say, not as I do”, Maria is an amazing role model. She is living the life she teaches, and teaching the life she lives. People from all over the globe are drawn to work with Maria because she cares deeply and takes a personal interest in the success of each of her clients.

Maria has developed an exceptionally effective approach to get to the root of a person’s ailment and create a life program to restore the body at a foundational level. She is confident that anyone’s life can be improved by addressing their foundational health issues no matter what diagnosis or label they have been given. Her 20 years of personal health experience combined with her 6 years of running one of the only acute care homeopathic practices in the world, and 18 years as a successful entrepreneur, have formulated the perfect blend in creating her groundbreaking virtual health system, Zhi3Fusion.

What Maria is bringing to the table with this cutting edge program is the first ever unfragmented, “do-it-yourself health” program. Her goal is to help each client experience the personal transformation to a self-sufficient “health warrior”.  Her passion to empower others to heal themselves was sparked by her own remarkable health journey.

Maria spent years struggling with some of the most rare and challenging health conditions. Her struggles with pain and malfunction in nearly every system and organ in her body, led her to the point where her body would periodically slip in and out of comas. Once she realized the “health care” system was broken, she took matters into her own hands and was determined to prove the doctors wrong and figure things out for herself. Because of her inability to quit and her ferocious persistence, thousands of people across the globe are now experiencing relief from life long ailments, along with a quality of life they never thought possible!

Since becoming 100% diagnosis-free, she has flourished in the alternative medicine world, and now dedicates her life to empowering others who have lost all hope in the midst of the healthcare madness (including both Western AND alternative medicines). She is thankful for her previous sufferings because not only did she beat the odds by overcoming “incurable” diagnoses, but was also trained in every modality within alternative and naturopathic medicine along the way. As a result, many will benefit from what she has gone through and what she has been able to overcome.

Maria has worked with world leaders in the health industry including David Wolfe, Dr. Ron Jahner, and Body Ecology’s Donna Gates. World-renowned experts have called her program “revolutionary” and “the most comprehensive program they have ever seen”. Maria has created an unprecedented program; she is truly pioneering a new way of living for those who want to be in complete control of their health.

 Maria studied pre-med at Everglades University and homeopathy at Learn Homeopathy Now in San Diego. She is certified in raw food nutrition, which perfectly complements her 15 years experience as a gourmet chef bringing together a delicious approach to living a vivaciously healthy life. She carries Certification in Nutrition from the Mind Body Institute.

Her current program Zhi3fusion combines her 15 years of experience into one all-inclusive 12 week system, through a private online membership site. Her program sorts through all of the confusing and conflicting information in the industry, all while hand-holding each member through every step in order to set them up to be completely empowered to be their own practitioner for life! Those who choose to work with Maria, do so knowing they will be empowered to take their health into their own hands and never have to rely on someone else to make them well ever again.  

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