For those of you interested in learning more about homeopathy, we highly recommend learning from one of the best, Shelley McQuerter. She was Maria’s homeopathic professor and truly incredible at what she does. For more information on Shelley’s programs, click the following link:


Safe, Natural Solutions for Your Family’s Health

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Now, in just a few short hours, you can learn to use 57 incredibly effective
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With the Homeopathy Level 1 class, you will be prepared for everything
from bee-stings and sunburn, fractures and muscle cramps, to food
poisoning and colds or flu!

This 3-disc, high-quality DVD set, with easy-to-use self-paced chapters,
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Your rich resource notebook assures your success in resolving headaches,
allergies, stomach upsets, ear infections, and so much more… with
long-lasting results.


Everything You Need for Success!

  • Includes Homeopathy on DVD with Notebook
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Shelley McQuerter, owner and director of Learn Homeopathy Now, has inspired countless
healing professionals with her passion for Homeopathy. In her brilliant Homeopathy
Certification Training, Shelley has captured her extensive knowledge into a series of five,
user-oriented and content rich seminars that assure success for the novice, as well as the
clinician. Simple to use, her self-paced, time tested method allows students to progress
from basic home care skills to mastering an additional healing modality. (760) 942-3440

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