Check back here frequently for updates on Maria’s upcoming events.

April 4-7th:

Ted McGrath – Breakthrough Coach / Building and Lucrative and Lifestyle Friendly Business 

  • Ted McGrath is a sought after inspirational speaker, business coach, global leader and agent of change, who is driven by a passion to help others take their professional and personal lives to the next level. 

April 2nd:

Josh Ochs – Social Media Guru

  • Josh Ochs combines both to advise businesses on how to use social media to find new customers, nurture existing relationships and tie each campaign back to the bottom line. If you want to become a social media expert – he is your man. Maria is one of the presenters on April 2nd and will be featured in Josh’s video.
  • Learn Social Media, PR, Marketing and Sales at the MediaLeaders Virtual Conference – April 2nd

July 28 – August 1st:

Loral Langmeir’s Big Table Alumni 16