Ted Miller III

“A mother helps you grow, keeps you nourished, happy and healthy. They watch out for you and want nothing more than to help you accomplish your dreams. Sometimes this mother is by blood and sometimes by choice. And although this person has become a great friend and sister to us, we still appreciate her and all her maternal care. Thank you Maria Whalen:)”

Jason, CA

“I am so amazed at your program. Sometimes I have to remind myself that this is really for real and I am really doing this. What you are doing is amazing!!! I am so Thank-ful!!!!!”

Ted McGrath, CA

“I had an annual dr. Appt today. Tripped my doctor out. Asking about refills -“no thanks. I no longer take any of those”. She asked about my chronic sinus infections- “haven’t had any issues in 4 months”. Anyways, told her all about the changes I have made. She was thrilled when I requested the non-traditional mammogram and said she was glad I brought it up & she would only be using those going forward. And she asked how to contact you because she is always trying to get more educated.”

Dutch & Vanessa Mendenhall, CA

“Seriously, the most life changing thing I have ever done is the Z3 program!”

Glen, LA

“Maria has one of the most comprehensive, 3 month life/health coaching programs I have ever seen, all online and on phone. I honestly think her program is a better value than naturopathic medical school as far as content and practical usefulness. Her goal is that her graduates have enough training in nutrition, lifestyle choices and basic acute care homeopathy that they can function without medical intervention for the rest of their lives except for chiropractic or acute trauma.”

Mira Beck, FL

“After learning that Maria’s daughter drinks a glass of Inner Eco with meals and then Jenn sharing her experience, I’ve started giving it to my 2 and 4 year olds straight. I filmed the first time for fun. I wanted to share an example of how quickly little ones can go from ‘no likes this’ to ‘yum!’ This happens all the time at our house since I started celebrating being brave with foods, implemented some incentives and rules related to mealtime, and – most importantly – stopped making it easy on them to refuse things (I used to basically expect them not to like the new food and took it promptly away at the first sign of negative response…that’s crazy to me now).

“The fact is that the support I found in this group (experiences shared, education, recommendations of truly healthy restaurants, recipes, resource websites, encouragement, new friends, etc.) gave me the confidence to take control and start making those kinds of changes last summer. Prior to that, my 4 yr old wasn’t eating a single vegetable…at all – I shudder thinking about that and am embarrassed to share it! It took several months, but now he has plain veggies as a side with meals (grudgingly but increasingly less so), greens and fruits that he hates to eat raw in smoothies, drinks quality probiotics and asks me whether new foods are organic before he eats them (that last one bites me sometimes LOL!)

“There’s no question that transition took effort and some tears, but it was a relatively short time to begin to set up their understanding of nutrition for the rest of their lives. That’s not to mention the unbelievable benefit to their tiny bodies against disease like the one that rocked my world. God is good.”

Cecil, CA

“Maria…I can’t tell you how GRATEFUL I am to my friend for introducing you to me! The small changes you advised me on already have made huge changes for me and the boys…I can’t wait to see where we go from here on this amazing journey!!!”

Taneu, CA

“I know how to be my own doctor and heal and prevent illness for good because we are graduates of the most. awesome. program. ever. Get rid of the diseases/ailments/diagnoses/health struggles of all kinds – that you have been told that you will just have to live with and that may have DEFINED you thus far in your life. Do the foundational work, get your body back into balance and live the life that was meant for you. I don’t know about you, but getting un-health out of the way so that my family and I can live the life we are supposed to live, our purpose, our calling, is on my life’s agenda. BAM!! (love you Maria) People, if you have any health struggles AT ALL, any at all, small ailments to life-long disease diagnoses, you will learn more than you ever thought about your body and it’s amazing capability to heal itself if you nourish it right. Amazing. Live vibrantly!”

Michelle, CA

“So thankful for this program! I have been too busy working to follow 100%, but I feel better than EVER! Thank you Maria & Jessica. You rock!”


“I could never be on a journey with my weight without the foundation of Zhi3, Maria and Jessica! They have taught me so much about my body and how to heal…really heal and LISTEN!! Over a year later and I’m making better choices for my body! One of which is being completely medication free! No synthetic meds for me! If you struggle with weight, it’s your body asking for the attention and TLC it deserves…it’s asking to be healed first!”


“Thank you for your big beautiful heart. Thank you for saving my dog’s life. Thank you for making my boys so happy. We have been praying for a miracle and here you are – again. You’re the best Maria!”

Ben, UK

“I have stopped those chemicals…but my natural gray looks great… with my brown which is coming outmode than the gray through getting healthy…will update you guys soon but this has been the most amazing experience of my life… I am so blessed to have you in my life.”

Linda, AL

Paul, FL

Rachel, TX